A management fix is an actionable solution for a problem with pros and cons to be evaluated by a human manager.


We as human managers have to come up with solutions, sometimes more than once for a single problem.
These solutions are natural, they are simple fixes, Management Fixes.
They are not unique, they are common and sometimes typical.
Mngt Fixes come in all shapes and sizes and can be related to each other.
We should build a comprehensive database of Mngt Fixes so that we can leverage our own solution identification and everyone else's.

Additional Concepts

Human Management is a movement aimed at igniting change.
Management is part of everyone’s daily lives and should be embraced as one of the most important tasks we have.

Problem Mapping is a technique used to understand thoroughly a problem before coming up with solutions, and, of course, a deck of MngtBug and MngtFix cards could leverage its application. It is best used to perform team and organizational diagnostics to guarantee stakeholder involvement in the definition of the problems and solutions.

Management Bugs are problems, causes or impacts in a human manager's decision which produces an incorrect or unexpected result. This concept originated the creation of a database to collect them, and the search for techniques to apply them.

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About the Author

Eduardo Espinheira is a Management Consultant, Facilitator, Manager, Public Speaker with a track record of happier customers. He leverages individuals and teams to achieve excellence through people engagement, change management with best-practices adoption. He is the author of the MngtBugs & MngtFixes concepts, the Human Management Newsletter, and the Machiavellian PM character.