Problem Mapping

The Problem Mapping is used to understand thoroughly a problem before coming up with solutions, and, of course, a deck of MngtBug and MngtFix cards could leverage its application.


1. Using a deck of Management Bugs cards identify and list all the problems you want to solve. Do not punish yourself for having problems, they just prove you are alive and doing something.
2. Sort them by importance or any other criteria that is relevant to you. Don’t tackle more than one problem at once, you need to understand them before you can optimize their solutions.
3. List the three main impacts and their trends. Don’t dwell on a problem if the impacts show minimal relevance.
4. Write the three main causes which originated the problem. Don’t skip this step, this is truly the best way to find the weak spots of the problem itself.
5. Inspire yourself and others to come up with the best solutions, considering their pros and cons. Don’t get flustered, solutions are always related to causes, impacts, and trends.
6. Each cause should be addressed by one or more solutions. Don’t focus first on the impacts unless you prefer to mask the problem instead of solving them.
7. Each impact should be eliminated or mitigated by one or more solutions. Don’t forget the impacts, after dealing with the causes, to make sure you deal with the problem as a whole.
8. Combine and organize solutions so that you have a comprehensive approach to the situation. Don’t solve one problem without checking if you’re not creating another for someone else.
9. Define responsibilities and deadlines for each solution. Don’t celebrate yet, follow-ups are mandatory to check if everything is being done and solved.
10. Keep doing this regularly. Don’t let your problems reach a point, where the solutions are fewer or harder.


Human Management is a movement aimed at igniting change.
Management is part of everyone’s daily lives and should be embraced as one of the most important tasks we have.

Management Bugs are problems, causes, or impacts in a human manager's decision which produces an incorrect or unexpected result. This concept originated the creation of a database to collect them, and the search for techniques to apply them.

Management Fixes are actionable solutions for problems, with pros and cons, to be evaluated by human managers. This concept originated the creation of a database to collect them, and the search for techniques to apply them.

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